We asked the young people and their parents what they thought about our Summer Art School and they were kind enough to give us this feedback.

Young People

“Good to try out different types of Art. Fun!”
“Brilliant and fun and really good for having Art skills”
“Summer art school is really fun”
“It is an awesome art school where you get to make and do really cool art stuff and I think you would love it!”
“It was really fun and all the teachers are kind and nice”
“Funny, nice and friendly”
“Go now!”
“I enjoyed the graffiti and the outdoor sculpture in the woods”
“I enjoyed the spray paint because I have never done it”
“I liked the cardboard relief because I liked how I had to build up the cardboard and it was fun”


“From spray-paint to charcoal; from pop art to photography, my son had a wonderful week learning a huge range of skills and techniques as well as making new friends. A wonderful way to start the holiday with that closed with a fantastic exhibition of work. We’re looking forward to more events from ROKA!”
“The team, without that skill set, it wouldn’t have been the same. So glad that I found it, my daughter loved it and felt in her element. The course delivers excellent art tuition within an overlooked age range. Really liked the workshop sheets for further ref. It was exactly as described a Summer Art School.”
“Would love more courses please!”
“Our daughter absolutely loved this course, amazing people to learn with and in a superb location. All round great experience where she got a sample of how it feels to be a real art student. Would totally recommend.”
“The Summer Art School was a huge hit with my 11 year old daughter. The teachers were fantastic and engaged so well with the young people. My daughter really enjoyed all of the activities and was so proud when she got to show off her work at the end of week display. We would definitely do it again. Thanks so much!”
“The kids’ work was so impressive. You’ve inspired them with so many great ideas and techniques. Thank you for all your hard work!”